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everyday Medicinals, LLC

A licensed healthcare office, all about you and your health story!

We're here, ready to meet you at health phase A, B, or C and provide you natural techniques for relief as well as educate you about lifestyle changes, to potentially improve your quality of life!

Health phases above. 

Below Photo Credit: 2023 POCA 5NP Acupuncture training clinic.

We focus on:
-chronic pain
(back pain omm Treatment, CBD, Medical Cannabis card)
(a1C management/education)
-5np/nada acupuncture
(symptom relief: Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, pain, migraines, smoking cessation, Substance withdrawal, stress, ptsd)
-nutrition Education 
-gut health focus
-toxic stress/healing
-meditation and EFT
-certified health coaching
-shaman services 
-professional lab testing 
and more!

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Our Mission
As experienced and educated professionals, we are here to support our community and individuals on their health journey by providing honest professional services.  

We believe in providing various health services that combines our Western medicine experience with natural relief techniques and options, to enrich a person's whole health experience. Our CEO is naturally supportive, she knows that healthy lifestyle support and education can help individuals achieve positive health outcomes in which is paramount in today's world of epidemics (obesity, diabetes, leaky gut, and opioid crisis). 
"We give extra here!"

We believe supporting our community and peers, as well as giving back in charitable ways is a duty that also contributes to positive outcomes in our community.

We know
 our services are an integrated part of our community and as independent consultants, we appreciate being a valuable linkage for others in the community to ensure positive outcomes across the state of RI. 

dr. Troung, DO
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

Available Services:
- Osteopathic Medicine
- Blood Pressure Screenings

dr. vega, MD
Doctor of Medicine

Available Services:
- RI Medical Cannabis Card Services
- Research Studies (CBD)

Amanda, CHHC
Certified lifestyle Health coach

 Available Services:
- Wellness-Health/Nutrition Education
- Meditation Education/Events
- Education Groups

Certified Diabetes Outpatient Educator  Certified Auricular Acu-Technician

Available Services:
- 5NP/NADA Acupuncture Treatment
- Diabetes Education (A1C Focus)
- Education Groups

Dr. Cardenas, MD
Doctor of Medicine

Available Services:
- Physician Nutrition Services
- Food/Performance DNA Education and Support

Shavon, Shaman
Lab provider and Trauma Specialist 

Available Services:
- CLIA Lab Services
- Trauma Education and EFT

Our goal and values

Everyday Medicinals, LLC* goal is to be a valuable office within the community that provides people with natural relief options and education, to potentially improve quality of life for those in our communities. 

Natural relief to Everyday Medicinals, LLC, simply means providing an opportunity for individuals to feel better by offering relief that doesn’t have to be obtained from a commercial resource such as CVS. Patients who come to us frequently don't like "taking another pill" or have tried other relief methods that have not worked well or produced no relief at all. These people are seeking another option to feel better without another medication or with nontraditional methods, for example, because of religious beliefs. An example of our natural relief would be 5NP/NADA Auricular Acupuncture for smoking cessation vs Chantix, although the stainless-steel needles are not a natural product it is a means of obtaining relief without a prescription. We believe some conditions do require a "pill" and/or means obtained thru commercial/local resources in addition to Everyday Medicinals, LLC services in which combined can also produce positive outcomes. Another great example of a natural relief method, is Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine to treat back pain VS Opioids.”

We truly enjoy and value, helping people to achieve positive health outcomes that fit their lifestyle and/or preferences. Also, those who appreciate a holistic approach to life and wellness.

We are praised for providing compassionate care and making people feel cared about, plus feeling better! Everyday Medicinals, LLC CEO has a solid and well-known reputation for providing positive collaborative care in the community, just ask medical and behavioral health peers or patients that value her. Preventative care is also valued and incorporated into services as much as possible.

We appreciate and value serving patients who already have established care team(s) in which our office* serves as an additional support or resource as well as respect the expertise of those providers. If you don't already have established care and are solely working with us, we may encourage you to establish care with a PCP and/or another provider as appropriate however we will not force you to do so, in order to receive our services. If you are a provider, please let us know if you would like to accept new patients and we will be glad to send you a referral (please call or use contact page).  

*Licensed by RI Department of Health
**Group Support:
Coping with Chronic Conditions

About OUR Services 

What services do you offer?

Alacarte or per packages, by provider.

where are your services available?

In person at Warwick office location or within RI for select at home services. 

who are we and who knows us?

We are seasoned and "naturally supportive" professionals that appreciate a collaborative effort because we share the same mindset of achieving positive outcomes in our community. We are respected among our peers and enthusiastic about offering natural relief services. Each individual is motivated to serve you and work with you per their diverse area(s) of experience and skillset(s) that have been observed or established in the RI community. They are deemed trustworthy and well known for helping others achieve positive outcomes. Feel free to ask for a professional reference. 

Many years of experience comes from working in local community establishments and/or collaborating with them, which includes hospitals, universities, outpatient medical and behavioral health offices, local and state agencies, RI Department of Health, education and training facilities, and other organizations including local RI businesses.

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400 Warwick Ave , Warwick, RI 02888, US