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"backed by our EXPERIENCE, positive patient testimonies and outcomes, we know our services and produts are one way for people to experience life a bit more easily."

Since day one, the mission of Everyday Medicinals, LLC Owner is to bring natural relief to people in the community. Those that seek and best enjoy her services, are people looking for more natural ways to feel better- maybe in addition to traditional care already receiving and experience positive health outcomes along with potential for improved quality of life, especially among underserved populations.
Establishing Everyday Medicinals, LLC ("EMLLC") was also one way to locally improve negative outcomes of the opioid crisis. Due to her long-standing experience as a local healthcare provider who witnessed the pre-opioid and crisis era, as well as current complications that exist, she considers herself blessed to be able to be a part of the solution by providing natural pain relief options.

Everyday Medicinals, LLC continues to collaborate with others who believe natural relief from complementary approaches, has a place among today's healthcare systems and positively impacts our RI communities. She has expanded services to include a variety of complementary approaches for those looking to add natural relief to their self-care routine or in addition to their established care.

veryday Medicinals, LLC Owner's Story -
During a routine pain assessment as a traditional community healthcare provider, she was inspired by a patient's testimony who educated her about medical cannabis benefits for the first time (2014) as he lay in a local facility bed debilitated. He exclaimed "it's not like the wacky tobacky street stuff" and enlightened her about the barriers as well as why he preferred cannabis over opioids. Years later, still convinced that medical cannabis provides better relief than opioids as well as better quality of life per her patient's testimony, she established EMLLC to increase patient access to the RI Medical Marijuana Program. Backed with years working in diverse healthcare settings, her new mission became to help patients feel better naturally by offering top tier specialized services and resources, especially among underserved populations. Soon Everyday Medicinals, LLC gained a wonderful reputation for providing some of the best professional and compassionate care around. Since establishing EMLLC she has expanded those services and products to be able to focus on a broader group of people that can benefit from integrative care.

Additional Growth and Credentials Earned 2023:
Since the pandemic, awareness for integrated care has grown more intensely over the years and EMLLC Owner decided to jump on the bandwagon by growing her office to offer multifaceted lifestyle support and education services after seeing positive outcomes within a pilot program. To further contribute to positive outcomes in the community. she included a collaborative effort in addition to expanding services and products, with added focus on self-care. Self care has become highly important in today's fast paced world as more responsibilities fall on society to maintain an aging population, etc. As a successful provider, just before the pandemic hit she was chosen to be a Clinical Lead to champion a 3-year Cardiovascular-Diabetes pilot program that remained successful despite pandemic challenges and successfully ended as expected in 2023. During the length of the program, she was able to exhibit the capabilities of producing successful strategies and positive health outcomes among patients. Contributing to the success was personal experience and a deep desire to see people achieve positive health outcomes despite challenges. 
During the program, thru direct community outreach led by herself and peers, they created successful resources for those with Diabetes. One resource included collaborating with Brown University to design an interactive Diabetes Shopping and Meal App for Android or Apple phones. The App was based on a handout they created and what started out as a nice to have App idea, became a working App patients piloted; thanks to facilitation and collaboration with Brown University Faculty-RIDOH pilot program Lead, who was not shy of putting forth innovative efforts and enthusiasm.
The program continued to meet objectives with her clinical leadership and yielded improved A1C results, improved lipid results, and high rates of positive patient engagement with follow thru. July 2023 RI Department of Health applauded everyone's efforts of "kept pushing" during the pandemic as well as positive encouragement that "feedback" given to them during years of the program, were contributing factors to the program successes and those efforts will be included in a manuscript to be produced-published by RI Department of Health. Close peers in the community applaud her ability to work with high-risk patients and help them experience positive health outcomes despite their challenges, per an impeccable drive to help people succeed!
In addition to all of the successes she is well-known for, she is especially hopeful her office will be a vital resource to the community, as a beacon of light for those needing lifestyle support and education, in which others will refer patients to her.