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1 out of 2 people are looking to improve or enhance
at least one-two areas of health and wellness,
which we help with.

Medical Marijuana Cards

Do you need a Rhode Island medical marijuana card?

Call to ask if you qualify and book an appointment to get your license for the 1st time or book your annual renewal!

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Our goal is to support use of effective, natural, and legally compliant CBD.
We only work with vendors who are able to produce COA lab results for each product we have available!
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5np-NADA auricular Acupuncture

Do you suffer from, chronic pain, migraines, high stress, PTSD, insomnia, anxiety or depression, substance use withdrawal or recovery?

5NP is a simple bilateral 20-minute acupuncture treatment of the ears, proven to reduce symptoms and promote relaxation.

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Shaman Services

Step into a realm of deep energy healing and spiritual discovery with Shaman Services!

We're honored to offer this ancient practice, connecting you with traditional healing wisdom that transcends the physical, to touch the spiritual and emotional dimensions of wellness.
Includes energy healing with Reiki,
EFT, and more 

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DNA nutrition analysis

Our high level of care also includes prestigious services that identifies your specific nutrition strengths and weaknesses through a trusted CLIA lab 
DNA analysis process, that directly sends you the results for you to review with us or another provider.

We provide you with an individualized experience, tailored to achieve your optimal level of
health and wellness with a simple DNA test.

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Diabetes education


Are you tired of managing Diabetes? Do you know how to manage blood sugar with healthy foods, less stress, and frequent activity?

Our experienced and knowledgeable Certified Diabetes Educator
is here to cheer you on, help you understand symptoms, see improved A1C, and offer suggestions for better outcomes-
all from your home by phone or Zoom!

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Osteopathic manual Manipulation (OMM)

Do you suffer from chronic back pain or Fibromyalgia? When have you given thought to the last time you bought sneakers?

OMM is a non-invasive hands-on treatment for natural relief of many symptoms from many conditions and also involves a comprehensive exam by Osteopathic Doctor.

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ADHD resources


 Do you struggle with staying on task or get overwhelmed easily?
Forget to call people or attend important appointments?

Per research about
4% adult's struggle.
Most are males, 
non-Hispanic White, and we're here to be committed to helping you stay on track, so your quality of life doesn't slack!

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healthy lifestyle
self-care Products

Clean Nutrition Cleanse & Detox Skincare
Clean Makeup
Mind Supplements (Focus, Memory, Relaxation)

We're honored to offer Arbonne as part of our holistic approach to improve or enhance your wellness journey & share Arbonne's commitment to pure, safe, and beneficial products.

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Self-Care Community

We are committed to fostering a safe
judgement-free environment to promote
self-care that you can benefit from by attending classes or groups aimed at keeping
you on the
straight n narrow by being supported to flourish as your best self!

Choose your areas
of self-care focus: meditation,
peer and professional support for coping with chronic conditions, and music as art for the spirit,

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“If a non-mainstream approach is used together with conventional medicine, it's considered complementary.”
per The National Center
for Complementary and Integrative Health

Our holistic approach is to offer
services and products focused on
the whole person - mind, body, and spirit.
We champion complementary and alternative health approaches, with natural or medication-free methods that leverage the body's innate healing capabilities.

 Certain conditions necessitate a blend of conventional and non-conventional treatments for optimal outcomes. As a licensed healthcare facility, we are committed to collaborative care, even with outside provider(s) to ensure a comprehensive approach to your health. Complementary approaches do not replace conventional or traditional medicine, it adds to it for increased positive outcomes.

Happy clients,
Healthy Clients,
and repeat clients.

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