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We are glad to support and educate you on the importance of a healthy lifestyle-
quality sleep
moving your body as able
proper energy and hydration
eating well with purpose
coping with stress 
prioritizing self-care

we know a 1:1 ratio yields better outcomes when a person is working on healthy lifestyle changes and sometimes a professional is needed to help achieve healthy lifestyle goals,

At Everyday Medicinals, LLC we believe education and resources about wellness, diet, exercise, and other healthy lifestyle habits, are essential to whole person outcomes in order to produce positive outcomes in our community, whereas we also embody kindness, encourage patients to self-educate as we also embrace education, and provide empathetic care to help people achieve their holistic health goals we value.

"A gentle yet confident leader embodies impactful outcomes and inspires others to lead in the same way, a harsh leader is no more than a dictator that dulls a person. Choose to be a leader you would appreciate being led by and inspire others to lead." - EMLLC CEO


Dr. Troung, DO

My practice is dedicated to providing comprehensive care that is personalized, in a comfortable and convenient setting that serves our patients well. I aim to take a comprehensive approach to healthcare, considering all aspects of a patient's health, including their psychological, spiritual, lifestyle, nutritional, and sleep habits and to help patients optimize their lives as all of these systems are deeply interconnected in health. In addition to traditional medical treatments, we also offer other non-traditional and practical therapeutic options, since our goal is to help patients achieve optimal health and wellness using the most effective and natural methods available. I am educated in Osteopathic Medicine and provide Osteopathic Medicine options available such as Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine also called OMM, a hands-on approach to healthcare that aims to improve the body's natural healing abilities. This involves gentle manipulation of the musculoskeletal and nervous system to relieve pain, improve circulation, and reduce inflammation. OMM can be used to treat a wide range of conditions, including back pain, sports injuries, headaches, and even digestive disorders. I believe that every patient deserves personalized attention and care, which means spending more time with each patient to address individualized concerns and provide the highest level of care possible.
My appointments are not rushed, and I enjoy making sure I have enough time to evaluate you as well as provide you with a treatment session as appropriate. I look at your physical structure as much as I assess your external structures such as your shoes, that could be contributing to your concerns. 
My peers describe my bedside manner as professional, informative, and I make patients feel comfortable.

 I am originally from California plus I speak Spanish and have basic conversational skills in Vietnamese. I enjoy nature, I love to hike and bike around Rhode Island in the summertime. I used to wrestle and played trumpet/baritone for marching band and jazz band during high school! I hold a blue belt in Shaolin Long Fist Kung Fu. I used to sing in an A Cappella group during medical school. I enjoy tinkering with electronics and cooking authentic foods of various cultures/cuisine.

Dr. Vega, MD

My practice is dedicated to providing Rhode Island residents an opportunity to apply for a Rhode Island medical cannabis card. I was glad to accept the role as Medical Director and join Everyday Medicinals, LLC mission to increase patient access to the Rhode Island Department of Health Medical Marijuana program. The program offers patients a Rhode Island medical cannabis card per a qualified provider certification, in this case a Doctor as I am a MD. I enjoy providing this service since it is especially needed among the underserved populations as identified by Everyday Medicinals, LLC and those suffering from chronic medical condition(s). Along with being a qualified provider, I am a local concierge physician in the community. With 20+ years' experience, I enjoy providing a high level of concierge care and in my own practice, I became very much interested in the benefits of CBD when my own primary care patients started to decrease their opioid use as they told me how they had introduced CBD into their medical regime. Seeing those positive outcomes in my own practice made me want to learn more about CBD as well as the positive effects of CBD so I started to conduct research on this.
At Everyday Medicinals, LLC patients enjoy the education I provide them during each visit and how they can maximize their Cannabis use, to yield outcomes they most benefit from.

I love to learn! By learning more about CBD I was able to present my research and outcomes to the FDA per a study I conducted. This was one of my most interesting studies completed and memorable moments in which I was glad to have been given the opportunity to present to the FDA. I love to learn as much as possible when I am not enjoying life and my two dogs!

Amanda, CHC

I work with clients concerned with their root causes and condition(s) they suffer from, addressing not just their concerns but the body as a whole. I believe a holistic approach is vital to today's modern care systems. When the whole person is looked at vs sole disease and as overall health is regained, the symptoms of disease can resolve itself. Since so much of disease is rooted in poor nutrition and nutrient deficiencies, I believe that nutrition is one of the key pillars to good health in which I have learned about in great depth to be able to educate people about better nutrition choices. I treat each client as an individual and therefore customize plans based on the individual needs of that person. I’ve learned that building a relationship with my clients is the best way to achieve compliance of the education provided and this may require a long-term commitment to healing, depending on the extent of the condition they suffer from. It takes time for disease to manifest in the body and it takes time to implement the proper framework to drive disease back out!

I enjoy utilizing nutrition education, lifestyle modifications, and/or education about various herbal or homeopathic resources in my personal life that support and/or enhance the body's natural ability to thrive, in which I try to lead by example when educating my clients. In fact, historically speaking, medicines were once administered in the form of "herbal concoctions" in which Philosopher Aristotle was also known for writing about diversity of plants. Many of the medicines developed in the last century were derived from naturally occurring molecules found in earth resources such as plants, bacteria, and fungi! If a natural approach is what you desire, I wholeheartedly believe you have come to the right place! Anyone of our wonderful professionals can assist you individually or as a whole. We offer enriching 1:1 services and group options, with your health as well as overall well-being being at the forefront of your experience at Everyday Medicinals, LLC.

Dr. Cardenas, MD

I work with patients to learn about their health concerns, conditions, and provide them solutions about how we can help them identify foods that can help them feel better as well as nurture their individual DNA makeup. Thru DNA analysis I am able to identify which foods and specific diets to implement, that they could potentially benefit from or are best to stay away from, to prevent adverse outcomes such as increased inflammation or Diabetes. I enjoy learning about new products that promote cleaner eating habits and ingredients that may be more beneficial than conventional means such as clean sunscreen for children. Ideally everyone would shop at the grocery store and have their nutrition needs met there, however this is not ideal for people that are busy on the go that could benefit from meal supplements and recommendations to make sure they are getting the nutrients they need to lead a successful busy lifestyle. Dunkin has a place in one's life and so does supplemental nutrition products that can keep a person functioning well thru out the busy hours of the day. As a healthcare professional and someone who enjoys many outdoors activities such as surfing, I know firsthand how important proper energy and hydration along with nutrition can be to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Also, I am well educated about how much of a positive impact it can be to do incorporate these items into our culture as well as lifestyle. Over the years of being an MD with a Western medicine background and education, I have grown my areas of knowledge as well as expertise to educate patients on the importance of a healthy lifestyle,

I am an avid surfer and always eager to catch the next best swell! I enjoy Google earth more than I should however it is a healthy hobby and I encourage everyone to check it out at least once in their lifetime, you may even get hooked like me! I enjoy meeting new people that are like-minded as well as motivated to be able to serve the greater good of all humanity as a whole. I have enjoyed living in various places of the U.S. and continue to enjoy the local areas around me. 

Shavon, shaman

I am an Energy Alchemist who has been on my spiritual journey for the last 10 years. I was taught by Peruvian Shamans and I am a Shaman myself. Helping others discover this matrix we are in called life, is something I absolutely love to do and dedicated many years teaching others how to look within for their own answers and abilities. I have a vast background of energy healing experience and education: Reiki Master-Teacher, Energy Clearing and Grounding, Meditation, Manifestation and Alignment, EFT, and Somatic Theory. My list could go on because I love any and everything about the brain as well as follow the same theories as Neville, Goddard, Dr. Joe Dispenzo, and Dr. Bruce Lipton to name a few. 
In addition, I have a traditional Western medical background since I entered the medical field 12 years ago and my experience includes work as a Medical Assistant, CNA, and Group Home Manager. I am also certified to perform an array of professional lab testing services such as Paternity & Maturity, Gx Nutruent, Genetic Disorders, Immigration, DOT/Non-DOT STD, and more. All lab testing is CLIA, AABB, ISO 17025, & A2LA certified. I am glad to collaborate with the Owner at Everyday Medicinals, LLC to see how we can best serve our community with all of the valuable experience and education we behold, in which I met her during a 5 NP session she was training at, and our energies instantly recognized one another.

I enjoy meeting new people and starting new adventures.
I have learned a lot about people and where they are at because of where they have been, as well as where they would like to go, in which I enjoy seeing people happy! 

certified Auricular Acupuncture Tech
Certified outpatient diabetes educator

Backed with 17+ years' experience in traditional healthcare settings from nursing homes to hospitals to community agencies, holding leadership titles and experience, they call me a trailblazer of complementary approaches at EMLLC, also a beacon of light in the community well-known for providing prestige care across the board and the state of Rhode Island. You can be confident; I will efficiently identify your needs and listen to your goals patiently, to determine which of my services you may benefit from or collaborate with others to give you options. The 5NP Acupuncture, my personalized at home Diabetes program, and supplements are what I specialize in at EMLLC. I am experienced meeting people where they are, to help them feel better in mind, body, and spirit, just ask many of my patients. Per a strong skillset and years' experience working with high-risk to stable medical or behavioral patients and professionals, I am familiar serving diverse populations. I am told I have a patient or "sassy" tone, depending on what I innately know is needed to help patients effectively move forward and value hearing your concerns, to appropriately address on your behalf. Unaware and under my nose for years, I was providing a holistic approach to care when a patient pleasantly enlightened me, stating, "You don't just take care of the body, you also take care of the mind and spirit too!"

My solid foundation in Western medicine education and experience, plus vision to see increased healthy lifestyle changes and more natural relief among me, is where I have flourished to see positive outcomes. When patients come to me, I ensure the whole person is taken care of, as needed. I contribute my skillset and successful patient outcomes, to all the experience I have as well as continuing education. I can facilitate a casual repour or make a patient feel like family, in which I am considered reliable and trustworthy among my patients. Without skipping a beat professionally with some "sassy" qualities, I have been highly praised for helping and encouraging patients to achieve their holistic health goals which is valued at EMLLC. I am also known to be a huge advocate for my patients, eventually empowering them to become their own!

I am ready to help you improve your quality of life, are you ready?
"Let's go!"
When I'm not all business providing care: I enjoy hiking, the beach, enjoying quality food as an activity with loved ones, and indulging in self-care activities. Big on love your neighbor as yourself especially if they can benefit from my help, respecting my elders, and embracing some old school ways with some new age convivences.

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