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​​ ​ $99 Walk-in Appointments for RI residents​​ *
on April 27th 11a-4p ​​
Renew or apply for 1st time!
@ 873 Warwick Ave
Warwick, RI
* Cash only please!
Sorry no handicap access @ this location .

  1. Mission
    Our mission is to provide clients the opportunity to improve their lives by being evaluated for the medical marijuana program in the state of their residence.
  2. Goals
    Our goals are to provide compassionate, hassle-free, patient-centered care to each client seeking our services for the state medical marijuana program in which the client lives in.
  3. Why
    People are seeking alternative medicine and a "more natural" approach to managing their health. There are mutiple health risks associated with the use of pharmaceuticals where as marijuana is a natural plant from the earth.
  4. Inspiration
    The founder of Everyday Medicinals LLC is a seasoned nurse. A patient shared about how helpful medical marijuana was to their life. Through this patient's first-hand experience and testimony, it was clear that the patient experienced relief and an improved quality of life by the availability of medical marijuana.
  5. Testimony
    Just imagine, "Tom" (renamed for confidentiality purposes) was suffering from a chronic condition. Tom applied for the medical marijuana program and was approved to receive a medical marijuana license. Tom then experienced relief with the use of medical marijuana and testified of an improved quality of life.
  6. Future
    Currently a few states in New England have legalized and provided medical marijuana programs. Everyday Medicinals LLC hopes to continue to support and reduce the stigma of medical cannabis. We exist to serve and advocate for those seeking alternative "medicine" to improve the lives of those who are eligible for the program.
  7. Spread The Word
    Spread The Word
    Everyday Medicinals LLC is looking to provide each client with a positive experience. As a result, if you have found our services to be helpful, please tell everyone you know about us and the services we offer!
  8. Stay Tuned
    Stay Tuned
    Check here for updates about us! We are putting together a team of caregivers for our clients. If you or someone you know may be interested in becoming a caregiver please click icon.
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